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1. We returned after building more than 515 shelters/schools in Dhading. People got better shelter to sleep in, children got better place to learn. 

Facebook Photos of the event.

2. 517 houses built, 19 for the people with disabilities. This is our best achievement so far. More than 2000 people took relief from our operation. They now have a rainproof, heatproof shelter for themselves and their neighbors. 

Facebook Photos of the event.

3. 421 shelters completed. Loving how the local people love us. It is a best feeling to see them happy once again. See what it's like to be loved.

4. What People are saying about us. Click here ( Live at Annapurna FM) More photos

5. More photos from Facebook.

6. Dhading district relief operation

7. Engineering design for our new shelter

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